Monday, March 7, 2016

Written For Spoken #4: A Legend of a Smile

I saw her.

On the insides of my eyelids where she resides on her throne of brightness; she’s a sun in a dark room, and i sat there charging in her radiance like a Kryptonian. Every ray, a soft stroke telling me it’s ok to love again. 

Her skin is velvet. Silk strands merged with my fingers. As i held her hand, her gaze tore through my fallen generations and handpicked me to award this smile to. It’s magic, but it’s fire... keeps you warm, especially when you rub your hands over her, or MARSHMELLOWS, You could fry marshmallows on her soul.

Every time i looked at her, my being shook, like opening a new book where the first few lines got you hooked. The silent alarm, telling Neo to wake up. 

The way her face lit up; the sparkle in her eye like a torch on a Tamagochi. Her cheeks running away from each other, kept together by that cute nose, eyes collapsing in an explosion of happiness. 

Was that a giggle or is Olympus falling? Is she a goddess come to grant me a laugh so fluffy I’m gonna die? 

The sound echoes into my eternity and brightens my futures. A beautiful horizon in my soul’s wilderness. A smile unrehearsed and filterless. Bliss, begging for a kiss. A divine sexuality oozing from her lips, so out of reach, it's the recipe of myth. Legend. 
But right in front of me, offering absolution. 

A spectacle shaped and polished by humour and intellect. An open mind as ancient as Egyptian. Queen. Her ancestors are proud. 

This, mixed with the way lights hit her face at these angles. acute. reflections. complexion, golden bronze with chips of chocolate. i say lights because from within i see her glow as well. like..i wonder if i switched these lights off..

it's a galaxy, this smile, and when I wake up, i wanna be an astronaut