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Written For Spoken #4: A Legend of a Smile

I saw her. On the insides of my eyelids where she resides on her throne of brightness; she’s a sun in a dark room, and I sat there charging in her radiance like a Kryptonian. Every ray, a soft stroke telling me it’s ok to love again.  Her skin is velvet. Silk strands merged with my fingers. As I held her hand, her gaze tore through my fallen generations and handpicked me to award this smile to. It’s magic, but it’s fire... keeps you warm. Especially when you rub your hands over her, or MARSHMALLOWS, You could fry marshmallows on her soul. Every time I looked at her, my being shook, like opening a new book where the first few lines got you hooked. The silent alarm, telling Neo to wake up.  The way her face lit up; the sparkle in her eye like a torch on a Tamagochi. Her cheeks running away from each other, kept together by that cute nose, eyes collapsing in an explosion of happiness.  Was that a giggle or is Olympus falling? Is she a goddess come to grant me a laugh so fluffy I
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Esthetic Arrest Prt I: Beautiful

The human mind fascinates me so. Have you ever landed your gaze on something or someone beautiful? It was like the act in itself rendered you paralyzed. Completely against your will but strangely voluntary. The stare. I do that shxt all the time. If creativity says Let God Speak. Then Beauty says Look at God. To deny the magnificence of life and thus being alive, is to take the sand from the desert.. To rid the ocean of salt. You are denying the fire its flame, you remove oxygen from air. You are seeing things in black and white. You are racist. :) Beauty when experienced in such raw awe, makes us feel good; studies have shown. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Could we clear the clutter the system has overloaded us with? Will we then, as a people go on the craziest adventure to find Beauty in everything? I'm down if you are. Shxt, when I saw you, I felt threatened and intrigued at the same time. Why are you even talking to me? Laughing at my lame jokes. Can't you see e

Emergency. A series by Cereus

What you are about to see is a series of close up portraits of girls, drawn with the idea of having them emerge or disappear into the page. Some were digitally reworked. The logo sports a butterfly resting on barbed wire which is spun to make an infinity symbol. I know, its all fucked up. Posted under my Artist alias, Cereus. enjoy and follow the link below for more of my work on Behance.   " Where do we go from here ?"   " Somewhat Innocent " " Immortal "    " Homage "   " Kitara"   Shani fan art Thank You follow more of my work on Behance at:

Written For Spoken #3: Defeated Victor by Glen

" 'Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.' -        ~Sun Tzu I once knew a woman of admirable values. Her beauty so deep, it resonates from the inside out.   She was beautiful down to her soul, th e kind of beauty lasts forever , or so I thought. You could spot her in a crowd of thousands, for her beauty is unique. But over time she has been swallowed by the crowd and I can barely recognize her. When I see her face now, I see a stranger clad in anger, disguised in sorrow and bitterness and I can’t make out who she is. She looks at me with anger and regret, her gaze burning straight through me as if she intentionally wants to pierce my soul with her stare of a thousand daggers. I can’t even look in her eyes as the tinted windows of her soul bear no resemblance to the warmth I once knew as my sanctuary. I remember when things were simple and loving each other was like air, eas

Written for Spoken #2: See You In Heaven by Raandjua

"Like a rose in full bloom, life's thorns and flowers prickle and pierce the veins to my heart My tear glands have dried up like a once delicate flower in the Namib Dessert on a cold cold winter night   Mya's white pearls intertwined between my fingers remind me of our time together and how we used to make each other smile   Summer rain-red robots-screeching tires...the ear-piercing sound of ambulance sirens in the dark of the night, came as if, from the mouth of the angel of death   Summer rain-red robots-screeching tires…and just like that, the love of my life was gone   Fallen autumn pebbles on the sidewalk awaken visions of blood-drenched leaves   Memories of song and dance are ever-present realities, in a reality, devoid of life   Those mourning lost loved ones and lost love are the subjects of my envy Tears run down their cheeks and I reach over to wipe them away, as I pray, that their tears, never run away   For once they do, then they too will one day be st

WTF #6477968: I Can Only Hope

Sitting here. I am trying my utmost to get my brain to refrain from letting your image infatuate it so. I am monitoring my breathing patterns in hopes that my heart slows down so that it might forget to beat for you. I am trying to do impossible things to take my life back. I am failing successfully. I will hope that you miss me too though. I hope you miss me with all your senses. When you go about your day, and happen to come across a photograph, or you read my name somewhere. I can only hope that your eyes lock. I pray that your mind presses play and displays our movie of memories in such high definition; it robs you of your breath. I wish the molecules in your tears would race each other, causing a stampede in your ducts, ready to erupt and soak whatever it is you were looking at. I can only hope that when you hear a song we both like, your ears fuzz. Shiver even. I so wish your body aches for mine so bad that you would squeeze your pillows so hard, you wer