Friday, February 21, 2014


Its not what you think. Its worse.
though, I'm not sure if it still hurts.
I might have moved on to the next verse
or I might still find you in one of four chambers


But its not what you think. in fact, ignore this.
knowing you, you wont.
you will read, and you will know, and you will ponder,
and you will confront me and you will be pissed.

and i will tell you that its not what you think,
and you will stare with those huge brown buttons
and you believe that i am lying, and the truth?
well, if you can swim, you'll find it at the bottom.

but its dark down there, and i fear for your survival.
you shouldnt have to think this hard.
i will tell you this, i needed to mourn you, needed back
my heart.
seemingly you wouldnt let go, so i took five.

not five hearts, because thats sick, and bordering evil.
not five pills neither. i mean.
so just stop those silly thoughts.
lets just say that it took five of them to intervene.

to even get me out of my room ekse.
and now this void, this, this opague thing between us.


what did you think was gonna happen?!

but ja.

as you were.