Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WQ #6355: What's in a dream? Pt III of III

I landed on her shoulder. Amazing how living in a celestial realm makes you forget your human fears. Heights for example, hate them. And staring down is almost instinct. I could see the destruction down below, explosions of concrete ravaging the poor city. And what a city it was, huge buildings were losing power like a domino effect. And this girl was not moving. Absorbing Man's suffering made Man suffer even more. How was I suppose to stop this.

It occured to me to fly down to the ground to try and avert the damage with some forcefield shit, but I realized I would be at it forever. I could've tried to destroy her..

I resigned. Took a seat on her shoulder, leaning against her gigantic neck. Crying, I think. Clouds grew pregnant and rained waterfalls. Lightning was told to fire at will and thunder was just one continuous roar. I thought I spotted a tornado aswell. I began to whisper things.

Told her some dumb shit about my childhood. My first girlfriend. Hitler. Ghandi. First fight. It was when I started talking about Sesame Street when I felt the warmth on my back. And she whispered back.

"Hans" she said. "You broke protocol! Go back!"

"Hey." that's all I could say was 'hey'.

She was glowing like you'd expect angels to glow. I wonder if I was glowing. Emmiting heat and being beautiful like its a good combination. She made to touch me.

"Listen, you need to stop. You will destroy everything, which means we will stop existing aswell. Please."

"Can't you feel it?!" she made that confused face. "They are destroying themselves!"

"So let them!" I took her hand. It didnt feel solid. Realizing we were standing on her shoulder, I put on my confused face. "How are you here and here at the same time?"

"This is me, and the storm's energy. That is their suffering manifested!"

I took her other hand and stared into her eyes, like staring into headlights. Searching for words to say. I think I said..

"I love you!" because she said it back. And we kissed.

I edged away, opened my eyes and BAM. Clouds were gone, sun blazing, grass green and no civilians.

Felt like a time jump if I imagined a time jump correctly. Buildings were sprouting out of the earth like shoots. Cars and random people materialized out of nothing. All in fastfoward. New York spread out before us. We shared a look. She wasnt glowing anymore. But she was still beautiful. We started to laugh.

I woke up lussing a Streetwise two!

-the spinoff short story, Waterfall, Coming soon.. In the mean time.. Fourtwenty!! XD-