Thursday, August 29, 2013

WQ #6355 What's in a dream? Pt II of III

And as she stood, staring down at the huge metropolis, the smallest of breezes was picking up, and clouds appeared out of nowhere. She looked up at the bright sun and took a deep breath, her hair flowing like a flag in the wind. Then she heard it.

Her tear drop had reached the ground, crashing in a dusty concrete explosion by her feet. Had she been human, she would have vanished where she stood. even if she was the size of an average sized building. But she was a giant. A giant statue. Visible from at least a 400 km radius. Which was when she realized she couldnt move, and that the sun and breeze she felt was most probably a memory from her human years.


That was way too detailed for the remembering of a dream I had almost 4/5 months ago. I believe I got carried away because of the short story I'm writing based on this dream. That said if you want the more detailed and cinematic version of this cool dream, stay tuned. XD. Now Im going to skip to the action part and the end which was coming up anyway..

Her tears were destroying the city. and I could see from where I sat that it was only going to get worse. I begged the authorities to let me save her and that it was all my fault and all that jazz. Until they agreed. They left whatever room we were in and the floor turned to soft cotton. Clouds. I started sinking and then I was falling. Falling fast.

Once I caught a breath, I flipped my body and spread my wings. The air swam into them and it felt like I jumped flat into a pool of wind.

Flying. I still remember that feeling. How I would kill to have that feeling everyday.

to be continued...

Deided to turn it into three parts maars.. Im tired!! :P