Thursday, October 18, 2012

WQ #17: What the FUCK is going on??

Now I’m not usually one to complain about things that go on in the world outside of mine. I can’t be that guy, you know me, and I’m super chilled. I mean, I’ve come to accept things as they are, you know, rich get richer, poor get poorer and what not. But then I made the grave mistake of following this damn Anonymous group on Facebook (Yes, I’m Legion now, was only a matter of time and you know it), and Sweet Lord, things changed. Every day I come home or go to bed with a young tear in my eye, provoked by the shocking news I read.

Now, I’m not trying to shove no 99% shit down your throat…*pause for dramatic effect*… Nor am I trying to get you to live your life differently or tell you who to vote for or whatever. This is all I’m trying to understand: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE? FUCKSAKES!!

Gosh!! Lemme tell you something, I love people hey, I love animals, love butts, loves trees, love butterflies, yeah, I know, I don’t know what it is about those creatures hey?! J They are so graceful, so elegant and quiet; they don’t make a sound, not one that we can hear anyway. Off topic, moving on. There are just things that really break my heart, and I’m perplexed by the idea of being part of this dump of a planet.

I’m not going to give yall examples and stuff because I’m tired now, and that’s what the Recognize blog is there for. Just know, today was a game changer. Things will start happening that will make you go... OMG.

And I’m going to do my little part in shaping a better world. It’s time we became the change!!
Also heads up… two more blogs coming soon, Omerta and Cereus!! Ja, its time, man!!
Stay Fresh kids.