Monday, December 12, 2011

WQ #92: Emo much?

Not really my forte, but a topic  worth exploring... My thoughts are as follows; there is no cure for bein emo other happiness, but then again happiness is also a myth, so i'm in a tough lil corner here.

 Often when I found myself feeling emo, i'd wish the world around m would die, whereas others would wish death on themselves. Personally I have no intention of dying any time soon, but that's not in my hands now is it?! What i'm tryin to say is, emo people don't want to be cured. That said, emo'ness isnt even a disease, is it? its more like a state of mind, absolute sadness. As the saying goes, 'misery needs company', the other most obvious cure for bein emo would to find someone or a situation more emo than yourself.

Or to indulge in a vanilla flavored anything... :)

Cheer up, dictators started dying..


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wrong Question # 25: Where Is My Mockingbird?

It's almost Christmas, and I remember, Daddy. I remember when you told when you heard me cry after I fell and hurt myself.

I remember, you promised me a mockingbird to help sing away my pain the next time I might fall. I know times are hard, and you might have forgotten, but I can feel myself falling again, because you fell. So I want the bird for you. if it sings to you, I will never fall again, I promise!!
Buy it please, or tell me where to find one and you can pay me back later. How does that sound?

for Jesus

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Answer # 87: Penz and Swordz..

penz nd swordz..

the only competition worth winning!! everything else is a money makin scheme!!


there r ways of God, and there are ways of Man, ways of the world.. and the bible says,somthing somthing the ways of Man...go read ur bible, im switzerland,but check

the sword is of Man,  it symblolises a weapon, forged from the very elements of our sacred grounds, to help defend "your" people's honor. question, who gave you these people you are defending, and defence from what?

the pen is also of Man, a utensil with the main purpose of aiding in the transfer of information, via scripture, calculations or art. often symbolising knowledge, wisdom, prosperity through education and lol, the rare ability to write.

the spiritual comes in when you compare thier differences. a sword is commonly used in wars and duels, in other words, violence. it possesses the ability to kill your opponent. the bible says somthing about forgiving your enemies and theres a comandment against murder, ponder. a pen is about as light as fourtythree feathers, and its powers literally move mountains. im talking blueprints, music, art, speeches, designs, ancient instructions or stories, etc.

but it's death before dishonr, right? your one mission is to remain true to yourself so much, that you never get provoked by anyone, becoz ur perfect as u r. nothing says sense of self like a heartfelt letter, a masterpiece portait, a motivational speech and so on. an uneducated child in Baghdad could've been the next Newton, but the man in the States wrote a letter with his expensive pen, approving the military steps necassary to get oil or wateva

so now lets talk money. an expensive pen can force the wrong sword, blood diamonds, so now they cut of my hands and i had this sick idea of a book that would kick JK Rowling's ass!! oh well!! a cheap pencil doesnt quite give that 3D effect i was going for, so the professionals wont even look at my sketches, what am i saying? im from Uganda, the professionals will never see it...oh well...

your beautifull vintage samurai sword, can slice off an arm, could be a supercool decoration, and it could end a life. a bum could tag a wall with a piece of coal he picked up, and his vision or story could mend my soul.

choose to shine your light down the right alleys,kids. and im not saying only artists, poets, scientist and all pen associated madafakaz can change the world. to me, a pen symbolises passion. the pure ability to make ur internal externally visible . if u feel strong about something, u must hoan those skills and bomb the towers wit ur two cents.

Look, ma man Clark Kent knew he could fly, but he still had to practice. By chosing the pen, u remain tru to urself, and u obey a comandment. if i was created in Godz image, that meanz, i have his creativity (i built the pyramindz with ropes and shit) this also means what i love can be created, and that should be Everything to you. because God is love.

and mate!! - Zeez