Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrong Question #19: Why Grow Up?

A lot of people i've met (including some x's) will prolly tell u that im a bit too childish. truth is, i am, very!! i just never seemed to "grow up". no wait, in many ways i have, everything is just amplified, im more curious about life, always on the look out for adventure,a good laugh, or just anything silly, really. i still watch cartoons even. pssh people telling me to grow up?! the audacity! they wanting me to cry for hours after every heartbreak? to "focus" all my attention on the future im not even certain of, on money that cant buy me what i really need, or not enough anyway? to follow tired laws and rules that fail to make sense? to vote for fixed parties? to watch news about our collective failures as humans? stop drinkin, take life serious, leave the 'erb,wake up early,clean the yard,go to the farm,brush ur hair,do this,do that, as long as u dont have any fun!! Wie? ekke? if thats what growing up is, then i dont wanna,shiiit...im good in my wonderfuckingland,thanx...

"The world's a playground,we know that when we're kidz,but somewhere along the line, we seem to forget."-Zoey Deschanel in 'Yes Man'