Monday, November 18, 2013

WTF #7673: She Left

"She left me last night, don't even know what I did.
Said she's going to find herself and whatever she may need.
Where? Anybody's guess to tell the truth.
She mentioned staying by Becky or Stacy or Ruth.

She did however talk about her mother and going where she lives,
Or out by the country side where there's a nice little cliff.
Not quite where she was born and not nearly as rural,

the place of her people that she left to go to boarding school
Suburbia, good grades and better communication, 
then she mos found a rich boyfriend so she left her education.
Left her family, left her virginity, and lost her religion. 

She was a tainted soul haunted by all these wrong decisions.
She found her problems where she left them last, in her past, 
pretense getting her through the present but will it last?! 
Echoes into eternity, the test of time, will she pass?! 
You're right, its a little judgmental to ask
As tears race each other down each cheek, and her pain threshold has reached its peak, 
on her knees, weak, she remembers the baby she left in an alley or a bin, 
shaking her head, smiling, thinking if she had a dollar for every sin.
Who is she? You know her. She's at least one fairer sex individual in your life. Sister mother friend colleague girlfriend or wife. The ones who make us tear to salt the seas. The ones that; if she stayed, how much better our lives would be.."
- Zeez

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