Thursday, November 29, 2012

WQ #6355: What's in a dream?! Part I of III

"In a Land before time, a land before alter boys, synagogues and shrines, Man was in his prime... LOOK how far in time i go just to stat a rhyme... The method is sublime, you get blessed with every line.." - Electronica

Amazing, huh? The lessons hip hop can teach sometimes.

So against my greater judgement, I mos decided to go out, with an exam coming up on Friday. I mean, I believed i studied enough so i mos deserve a break also mos. so there I was 'hierdeer meneer': Aunties and 'Sang Aand' and shit. But anyway, fast forward to the drunk dial: Ja, so i decided to call my girlfriend while i'm a little tipsy and I tell her about the dream I had last night... It's not the fact that I'm calling her at 3h45 to tell her about this dream and shit... It's the DREAM though... It was such an awesome dream though!!

"You have no idea, the means to what i say, and you have no idea, how i got this way, now hear my dream, and by the time you wake, I'll look down from the clouds, see i'm on my way..." - The Dream

[btw, quotes and shit are there for dramatic effect]


It was a Celestial timeline known as Tiger. All was peaceful in heaven. Man however were given a probation of 2000 years to sort out their own sins; 200 years after which, Judgement was to come. Emphasis on 200 years after...

There was a pair of Angels who were rather close, many say they must have been Lovers in the For Ages(when they were humans). So they decide to play a friendly game of chess. It wasn't that friendly after all. All of heaven was amazed by the intensity of the match, a crowd started forming around them. They still speak of the five-day chess match between Hans and Mell. It got so intense that they decided to put a wager on it. The loser would be banished to earth for the amount of time it would take them to absorb all of Mankind's pain and suffering.

And as her king fell, Mell knew what waited for her. Earth was like hell for angels you see?!

But true to her word she left heaven and flew down to Earth. Something strange happened though, before she could shrink down to her regular size, she started solidifying as soon as she entered the atmosphere. Man's suffering was so great, she actually turned to stone. And there she stood, a 3 Kilometer statue, with tears in her eyes. Beautiful yet sad at the same time. One tear actually went solid as it fell from her eye. The equivalent of an avalanche, headed straight for the city she landed in...

[to be continued...]