Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WQ #234259 To be or not to be?

Now everybody knows that this must be the wrongest question ever! I'm not even going to explain why! I'll just tell you why I am asking.. Ahem.

'Affairs of the heart', I'd like to say that I'm in love, but that would imply that i'm in a relationship{kinda like that story Cindy wrote}. And I'm not in no damn relationship, nor do I want to be, not now, but hey,shit happens, and the damn heart wants what it wants. 

So this one girl(If you scan this post, her name is coded in here..) and then there's me. Now I've her almost too long, and the thought of us becoming 'us', is just insanely inappropriate, incest even. But ja, shit happens, once again. Did something happen, you ask? Well, duh!!

We were intimate(PG13, don't worry). Then we sobered up, lol. and went back to 'normal'. OK, maybe not entirely if i have to write about it...But what happened wasn't even the question,though. What I'M asking is what now??..

So, I asked my newest daughter(IV) what she thinks I should do... and this child,  smart as she is, suggested I kiss her when we sober. And I was all like..

Challenge accepted!!


  1. lol... :) go for it...if she kisses u, well lets just say hell yeah!!if she stomps u in da nuts u knw

  2. lol...damn sure...eish but im kinda on to the next one already...uknow!!! i wnt quit,tho...