Friday, August 24, 2012

WQ #9545: WTF? Why The Face?

I cried today!

If you can imagine how a guilty criminal with a conscience must feel at a trial when he sees his victim on the witness stand, and all his guilt comes rushing, as if flood gates were opened, then you can imagine how I feel right now.

I feel like I just wrote my name on Santa's naughty list. But that happened earlier. Lets just say, angels do exist. Now, me and Hazel have this new thing, where we pretend the kak they talked on The Secret actually works. so basically we just pretend or believe that our hearts desire will, no matter what, materialize. I won't lie, I kinda enjoy this game.

So, there I was, finally gathering the courage to talk to Shawty(from part one). and shit just backfires in my face. I realized that our intoxicated passion was one sided. Very. And so it was, that I turned into a violator, instead of the hopeless romantic I would like to believe I am. Fuck!! i got so angry at myself for not seeing the signs, that I shed a tear or two. Timmy was even like, is jy ntja,bra??  No really, Shawty made me feel so dirty inside that I almost puked in my mouth a little. On the upside, she at least guaranteed me, our friendship would never die.

So, not even two hours later, it was as if God saw my pain, and decided to put his angels to work. So there I was, chillin with Hazel and Jay(they smoked me, so you know I'm forever grateful), and I decided to check my inbox, and sowaar ook, in heaven as it is on Earth, my day was turned around. Sweety (shawty from part two), decided to make a back man blush. No, you don't even know!! I was crying, when I saw how much she cared, and missed me -for a relationship consisting of no more than 5 days in total- I was awestruck. And I decided...

Yes. I would try all that my strength would allow, to make us work. And not because I'm sour or nothing, but because she deserves it...:/

If for some reason, and angel brushes past you, you know, you owe it to God, to reward it with love.

So ja... wish me luck...

I'm goin in.... :)

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