Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wrong Question # 23: Who Gives The 'Authorities', Authority?

my unresearched, under educated opinion is that we give them authority, involuntarily... its been a buncha bullies in the past that set the trend, the trend that suggests that there shud b an elite group of 'better humans', and an inferior group of humans,minions, with zero power. u got the masters and the slaves, the hitlers and he jews, the whites in apartheid,the swapo and the rest of the namibianz, mugabe in zim, stalin, bush, idi amin etc...u c the same pattern of misplaced authority? howcum it keeps happenin? i think its all planned,and it will happen again,watch...therz always a dumbass in power that we kamma 'put' there, and cant get off, wtf man...kak wierd!!

therz only one true authority, and that's God, and we should try follow his immaculate example of unwavering love for his sinful kidz...

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