Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrong Question #19: Why Grow Up?

A lot of people i've met (including some x's) will prolly tell u that im a bit too childish. truth is, i am, very!! i just never seemed to "grow up". no wait, in many ways i have, everything is just amplified, im more curious about life, always on the look out for adventure,a good laugh, or just anything silly, really. i still watch cartoons even. pssh people telling me to grow up?! the audacity! they wanting me to cry for hours after every heartbreak? to "focus" all my attention on the future im not even certain of, on money that cant buy me what i really need, or not enough anyway? to follow tired laws and rules that fail to make sense? to vote for fixed parties? to watch news about our collective failures as humans? stop drinkin, take life serious, leave the 'erb,wake up early,clean the yard,go to the farm,brush ur hair,do this,do that, as long as u dont have any fun!! Wie? ekke? if thats what growing up is, then i dont wanna,shiiit...im good in my wonderfuckingland,thanx...

"The world's a playground,we know that when we're kidz,but somewhere along the line, we seem to forget."-Zoey Deschanel in 'Yes Man' 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wrong Question # 12: Why Is Gucci Mane Still Alive, and Tupac Dead?

well this topic has been theorized 4 a minute...its a simple theory really: keep the real artists away from our kidz, and 'entertain' em with clowns!! everybody knows that we are most vulnerable to new information when we are young and stuff, so every song we here(lets just keep it with music for now) has the potential to impact our decisions, sense of style, slang, behavior, overall personality. Now if u are tryin to keep the nation ignorant and condemn them, u'd want them to follow certain trends and act a certain way that doesnt really pose a threat to your 'empire' rite? what do we hear on the radio and see on tv? elke dag se geSwaggery, and 'love' and sex, drugs, rockstar lifestyle, gay girls, guys with alotta bitches, alcohol,parties, make money money,make it!! pretty 'harmless' shit,rite? gosh, half the shit in commercial music directly violates the ten comandments even,just listn....

ok,now, if the radio and the tv played alot more tupac, krs1, mos def, daniel merriweathr, peter tosh, the marley family, talib kwale, consequence, lupe fiasco, damien rice, lauryn hill, immortal techniq, lost prophets etc..imagin what the kidz would talk about? theyd start questionin authority, searchin for answers, trying to fulfill thier inner feelinz, chasin thier dreamz at the cost of happiness,not money... we'll hav a buncha non conformist laaities runnin around askin questions our fuckn forefathers shuda askd a long time ago!! very threatening indeed... alotta things dnt make sense in this world, and thers peopl who want2keep it that way... so all we see is gucci mane, soulja boy, new boys, lady gaga and kak...teachin peopl how2love money, drugs, sex, how to dance, walk,dress,look,mack and shit, like thats important...

tupac had a crazy fanbase, and had a change of heart, ready2challnge the system wit the power to make a change or at least spark curiousity, so the system said VAT SAAM!! my real niggas dnt get playd on ze radio, coz God knows what will happen...sickening!!

"The kids dont stand a chance!!"

Wrong Question # 23: Who Gives The 'Authorities', Authority?

my unresearched, under educated opinion is that we give them authority, involuntarily... its been a buncha bullies in the past that set the trend, the trend that suggests that there shud b an elite group of 'better humans', and an inferior group of humans,minions, with zero power. u got the masters and the slaves, the hitlers and he jews, the whites in apartheid,the swapo and the rest of the namibianz, mugabe in zim, stalin, bush, idi amin etc...u c the same pattern of misplaced authority? howcum it keeps happenin? i think its all planned,and it will happen again,watch...therz always a dumbass in power that we kamma 'put' there, and cant get off, wtf man...kak wierd!!

therz only one true authority, and that's God, and we should try follow his immaculate example of unwavering love for his sinful kidz...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WTF #2: Impure Thoughtz

Impure thoughts

On my pedastole in my underground crib, where they quantify my impure thoughts
as a bottomless abyss. Smoking this cancer for a chance ta meet my lord quicker,
 drink liquor and picture all things divine intertwine, your eyes free from the
blindness, because the world is a blind nest. So vexed that my quest is to
ask all the wrong questions. It seems like everyone is robbed of their liberties,
miniature lovers ripped like new born baby from their mothers. Look at the
stranger like he's not you brother, so y bother opening your eyes now? you'll
be shocked by what you see, in a world where you have to pay for your inbred dreams, where
numbers define you, and your path is predetermined by unexplained traditions, and
we never ask questions so we're trapped in a recurring system of
mass-hypnotism, and honest to the dude upstairs, I hope I'm wrong,but check
this, you cant concentrate in class but u know all the lyrics to popular songs,
never miss a movie, so you postpone your passions, then u look back look like
what happened? Think about it, is the life you living looking anything at all
like God's image? so what is it that we're missing? Like we got the right
ingredients but we're stuck in the wrong kitchen! Life is suppose to be fun,
so when you're lying on your death bed,all the doctors and medicine fail and it
hurts like hell, what's the story you'd wanna tell? got born,went to pre-primary
went to primary, went to high school, went to college, got a job, got married, got kids,
told them to do the same,nice house, nice car,and now I'm here...wow, just
like everybody else,huh...

I cant handle this, watching my wonderful world vanish like the smoke from this
cannabis. looking so tainted now, the entertainers take their bows, as the
ending approaches,earth tilts out of focus and life becomes atrocious,just
take me now!!